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It’s always the first thing you do, whether it’s a team fight at a LARP, a role-playing adventure, or a video game: you kill the healer. They’re the most important person (or creature) in play, because no matter how hard or fast you hit, if the healer is up, nothing you do matters.

Kill the Healer is dedicated to pulling apart the “important” ideas behind tropes, toxicity, discrimination, and other issues in geek culture and games. It’s advice, analysis, and discussion; game design and social awareness; and the occasional adventure map thrown in for good measure.

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JN Childs is a horror and role-playing game writer, consultant, advocate, and educator. They received their M. Ed in Instructional Design, with a focus on creating memorable learning experiences using games. In addition, they are an advocate for diversity in gaming, discussing these issues in workshops, game development, and fiction.

Currently, their work can be found in “Under the Stairs”, “Apotheosis: Stories of Human Survival After the Rise of the Elder Gods”, “Immersion Secrets”, and the Mind’s Eye Theater framework for “Werewolf: The Apocalypse”.  They are also working on the Mind’s Eye Theater: Changeling the Dreaming and Morra Cinematic Universal Game System.

Erykah never outgrew playing pretend nor listening to the multitude of characters voices in her head that drive her creative writing. Now a nominally-functional adult with a full-time “normal” job while moonlighting as a writer, she likes to howl at the moon, capture pocket-sized seizure-monsters, and corral her trio of pugs — a Cerberpug, if you will — during mysterious rituals totally not meant to summon extra-planar entities to the prime material world.  

Brendan is a 20 year veteran of gaming, having survived the Nintendo vs Sega wars, the ongoing conflicts in PC vs Console gaming, and over 9000 Edition Wars for various RPG properties including D&D and the World of Darkness.

Drew is a curmudgeonly gamer, with way too much time on his hands. He’s successfully transitioned from AD&D to Pathfinder after finally being convinced that THAC0 was an awful mechanic, and takes an inordinate amount of delight in constructing elaborate backstories for LARPs that no one will ever find out about.


You can contact the Kill the Healer at killthehealernow@gmail.com.