Friends on Friday

Mondays are for serious (or not so serious) business. Fridays, however, are for friends within the community, and showcasing their contributions and thoughts. If you want to answer the questions below, just send us an email at, with the name you want shared and, if your comfortable with it, a picture of yourself.

Our Take: Heather, in my opinion, is the kind of Game Master every one wants to be. Organized, well-versed, and passionate about role-playing games, they always represent the community in a positive light. If you ever get to sit at their table, count yourself lucky.

Their Take:

What are some of your favorite geekeries?

Tabletop Roleplaying Games have been a passion of mine for two decades now, and it’ll always be in my top 3. I also really enjoy some of the single player video game RPGs (Dragon Age, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire) for when I want a good story and some time to myself. I’m a crafty person, so I really love sewing and crochet work too. It gives me a creative outlet that doesn’t always depend on other people, and that’s always good to have. 

What media (games, books, movies, etc) do you think are doing representation right?

Some movies have been really hit or miss on this lately, but I think they’re trying. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel stand out in that category, as well as some of the new Star Wars films. I feel like Paizo and Wizards of the Coast have also been making great strides to be more inclusive as a whole in their gaming systems and the communities that surround them. There have been a few stumbling points here and there, but I honestly believe they’re working to improve. They have iconic characters that represent a larger number of orientations, races, and gender as a spectrum rather than two unchanging categories. I’ve also seen some of our local gaming shops stepping up and demanding people leave their racism/sexism/etc. at the door, and that’s been amazing to see.

What do you wish creators knew about representation?

This is a hard question, and an easy one at the same time, I think. Be sincere about it. Please don’t just give us a token (whatever) character, idea or concept. Put just as much passion into creating these projects as you would for cishet white guys, and maybe ask questions of the folks you’re trying to include so you can understand where they’re coming from and why that representation matters so much.

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