Friends on Friday

blonde woman in cosplay

Mondays are for serious (or not so serious) business. Fridays, however, are for friends within the community, and showcasing their contributions and thoughts.

Do you want to participate? If you want to answer the questions below, just send us an email at, with the name you want shared and, if your comfortable with it, a picture of yourself. Or a avatar. We’re not picky!

Tell us about yourself!

I’m an asexual/demisexual female who has been into various forms of gaming for almost 20 years.

What are some of your favorite geekeries?

I started with tabletop games and moved on to LARP, console and PC gaming. I still do every single one but the LARP.

What media (games, books, movies, etc) do you think are doing representation right?

I’m also into sci-fi and fantasy shows, which I think are at the forefront of doing representation correctly. Followed pretty shortly by the larger MMO’s such as WoW, who just recently gave us a very badass black woman in a leadership position with amazing actual armor. Meanwhile, games with more toxic communities such as Fortnight or For Honor have kind of left representation in the dust. I also give props to Blizzard for having LGBTQ+ pins available all year round with donations to charity instead of just one month. Books tend to do some representation but I’d put them fairly far back up until recently as far as doing it right. Most characters in books that try to represent marginalized groups do it only as a one sentence kind of “look what I did here, praise me” or as a severe and often offensive stereotype. IE: gay men being all effeminate and about fashion. Women wearing short skirts and gossiping. Pagans being dark and goth dressed with rituals involving blood or going the other way and being “I’m a tree hugger, crystals alone heal everything” nonsense.

What do you wish creators knew about representation?

I think the big thing about representation that people need to know is that marginalized groups are still individual people. Their only trait is not whatever marginalizes them.

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